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Below are a few of the healing sessions. Please know that I tailor the session specifically for you/your needs. Most sessions are 1 to 1.5 hours.

Emotional Cord Cutting

This gift severs all negative emotional cords that have ever been formed during a lifetime. These cords form links between you and other people (no, not on pets) and are present whether we know it consciously or not. Even if a person is not in your life, you may still flow energy to them or from them. These cords can interfere with your clarity, strength, and energy. Cord Cutting frees up your energy to be flown directly to you, for your own highest use. Cord cuttings help release the emotional charge we have around people or situations and allow us to continue to deal with life’s necessities, but from a less charged/emotional place, allowing for greater freedom in all aspects of your life. Cord Cuttings can easily be combined with other work and benefit those whom you are cutting your cords with also.

DNA /Life Activation & Etheric Healing

This is one of the methods taken directly from the halls of King Salomon’s Temple. The activation is a tremendous gift of empowerment that assists you in your own healing process at deep levels and allows your gifts to come most fully into your life. This is an Etheric Surgery which brings Light in to your physical and your spiritual DNA. We have taken on more and more density in our human journey, holding less Light. As a collective we have reached a place where we wish to return most fully to our Divine Selves. As a result, this tool of empowerment is now available to the public. This tool is handed down to initiated Teachers of Light, handed down and made available to the public. A session takes approximately 1-hour and includes balancing of etheric, auric, elemental, dimensional and magnetic energies. 

Blockage Removal Healing Modality

This is another method that dates back to the time of King Salomon. This service was reserved for High Priests, Priestesses and their servants. This modality is used to empower an individual to do Light Work. 

It helps to clear blockages and to bring in the direct Source in its purest form. The results are more clarity, stability, and balance as we enter the world as if reborn. This is a very powerful Modality and can be combined with other work. 

Negative Energy Removal/Healing - Home/Office Clearings & Blessings

Entities not of the Light are sent back to the Light. These can be around people or in homes/on land. Trained and initiated Ritual Masters bring the healing Love of the Light to work with such entities. All beings are in the progression of Light and RMs are trained to work with all levels of Light. RMs are trained to see and understand where beings are in the progression of Light, and to assist them to progress to their next highest place in the Light. Hourly - with minimum of two hours.

Healing Ray Modality

The Healing Ray Method channels the Rays of the Ensof from the Central Sun. Ensof is the highest form of Divinity that exists. It is uncreated and unmanifested. These rays literally are the first "created" in the world we exist as a part of. These rays are useful in every kind of manifestation, initiation, empowerment, and healing. To be in touch with these Rays is to be in touch with your own Christ Consciousness, based on the awareness of the qualities of compassion and empathy--or forgiveness. This healing method is a resetting and the anchoring of these rays has the energy of purity and clarity. This is a beautiful method that anchors 12 Rays of Ensof for you to take into the world and into your future creations. This work blends with other work and each session is blend of whatever is needed to clear before the anchoring. Sessions last 1.0-1.5 hours. 

Guardian Angel Reading

Coming Soon

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

What is SRT?

Founded by the late Rev. Robert E. Detzler (1926-2013), Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is an amazing spiritual healing method that works on a soul level to release negative programing. A “program” is defined as the root cause of a problem or symptom that is negatively affecting your life. Although there are positive programs, just like a computer may have helpful programs, with SRT only the negative programing is released. Releasing subconscious mind programs, past life energies and soul programs allows the soul to move into its full expression of joy and prosperity.

So often people find themselves “stuck” in self-defeating patterns. They want prosperity, but deep down do not feel worthy of success. Couples want rewarding relationships, but continue to attract relationships that are in conflict and strife. Many individuals want better health, but do not know how to achieve it. All too often, the reasons for these blocks come from the energy of the soul itself. Releasing these blocks on a soul level is what SRT is all about.

What can SRT do for ME?!

In SRT, we research and clear the subconscious mind and soul records of the person’s past life discordant energies that may cause disease in the physical body. These discordant energies can carry over into the present life and influence all aspects of our existence, blocking us to healthy relationships, prosperity, joy or happiness.

Spiritual Response Therapy is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical care. Many individuals have sought out SRT as a means to remove their blocks to prosperity. What was keeping them from being in the flow? Usually these sessions result in researching and clearing past life energies, where the person has set up a negative charge on success, prosperity, and perhaps even taken vows of poverty.

Since SRT works on the individual soul level, clearing sessions can be done in person or absentee. In general, a clearing session includes research of soul programs, clearing on specific issues, explaining the research and clearing work completed.

Wedding Ceremonies

Enjoy a customized, sacred service prepared with Bride and Groom and performed at your location. All wedding ceremonies include clearing work for the bride and groom prior to the ceremony as well as clearing of the ceremony space. Additional work for the wedding party can also be arranged.

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